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Vision Statement: making ballet and movement accessible to the people of San Juan County

Mission Statement: to provide high quality dance and movement education and performance to San Juan Island

The specific objectives and purpose of this organization shall be:

  1. Foster community involvement and pride in local dance by establishing a professional dance studio on San Juan Island that will

    • serve as a locus for classical dance training and performance

    • periodically produce high quality, professional ballet performances in collaboration with local theatres

  2. To foster a love for and appreciation of the art of ballet by

    • Providing professional ballet and body movement instruction to children and adults in San Juan county, WA, including to children of financially disadvantaged families who might not otherwise experience classical dance

    • bringing professional guest dance instructors from off-island to supplement regular dance training to enrich the styles and role-models provided to our students

Jason Knott, President 

Jason has rich business and leadership experience, including in real estate investment, electric sailboat motors, consulting and construction. Mr. Knott brings his wealth of knowledge, experience, know how and connections to TBAMS to help us achieve our goals.

Patrick Lakey, Treasurer

Donor list

Jason Knott and J/K Builders 

Inter-Island Appraisal Co. Inc. 

Cecilia Cohen 

Patrick Lakey 

Damien Digrazia

Facebook, Inc.


Lori Williams

Doug & Carole Anton 

Mitzi Johnson

Anna Polson

Theresa O'Connor

Jonna Sanders

Andrea Kaczor

Nick Kaczor

Rich Erickson

Staci Erickson

Bruce and Kim Galton

Emily Anton

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